Targeting tinnitus

Recent developments in neuroscience have led to a clearer understanding of the neuronal activity behind tinnitus. Neurons in the auditory cortex become hyperactive and synchronized, which is perceived by patients as tinnitus.

Desyncra for Tinnitus applies CR® Neuromodulation to disrupt or “desynchronize” the pathological, neuronal behaviour. Improved symptoms are reflected in EEG imaging, showing reduced delta wave activity across tinnitus neural networks.

Research has revealed that the hyperactivity behind tinnitus can be observed in the auditory cortex. The auditory cortex is physically organized according to the pitch of sounds that it perceives; from low to high. Desyncra has developed a proprietary pitch-matching procedure to make use of this by targeting the therapy to the hyperactive region in the auditory cortex.

Beyond tinnitus

CR® Neuromodulation therapy offers solutions beyond tinnitus to other neurological pathologies, including Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and migraine. The mode of delivery is quite different for each of these neurological conditions. Nevertheless, in each case the CR® Neuromodulation is designed to target & disrupt the synchronized activity directly in the brain.

Research worldwide

Desyncra research is global, including the US and in particular Veterans Affairs Portland, and has centres in England, Switzerland and Germany.