What is CR® Neuromodulation?

Under certain circumstances groups of cells form a cluster in the brain, synchronize and become hyperactive which causes, among others, tinnitus, tremors and pain. CR® Neuromodulation stimulates the cell cluster to desynchronize and abandon their pathological behaviour. Due to neuronal plasticity the obtained effects are long-lasting – suggesting a cure for patients, not just the form of symptom control that they have been limited to with hearing aids & other masking devices.

High-quality treatment

Desyncra aim to produce complete and personalized treatments for a range of patients. With precise diagnosis through high-density EGI EEG and remote, real-time monitoring for you via our fully integrated software and fully compliant servers, you can be certain that your patients are getting high-quality treatment, symptom relief and the formation of new neural pathways.

4000 patients successfully treated

Doctors and clinics around the world have already adopted Desyncra For Tinnitus to great success. More than 4000 patients experience reduced symptoms lasting beyond the therapy period. Many of these patients reported that their tinnitus completely disappeared.

Turning an iPod into a medical device

The Desyncra therapy is delivered using a customized iPod device with custom designed earphones. The therapeutic tones are tailored to the patient’s exact tinnitus profile.

Comfort and Convenience

The individualized therapy is optimally adjusted to ensure the therapeutic tones are quiet and yet audible. This allows patients to carry on with everyday life while receiving the therapy in the background. Additionally, patients have the freedom to choose which times of day they undergo therapy.

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