Desyncra™ For Migraine

Our Desyncra™ for Migraine software stimulates the neural waves responsible for migraine, aura and nausea. Visual patterns are generated in customized Virtual Reality-like headset to a lasting redeeming effect: the future right before your eyes.

Key facts about Desyncra for Migraine:

  • Utilising visual patterns to manage migraine
  • Therapeutic software on iPod, Virtual Reality-like headset and iPod as therapeutic hardware
  • CR® Neuromodulation of visual cortex
The modern way to treat migraine

A highly innovative software solution, an app & virtual reality headset: Desyncra For Migraine feels like science fiction, but it’s tomorrow’s medical world for today. Take a look!

Desyncra™ for Migraine is in late stage development

Real relief through Virtual Reality

Patients wear a comfortable Virtual Reality-like headset with an iPhone that holds the algorithms, software and app-like interface for around one hour per day.

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