Tinnitus exerts a heavy burden on the patients, their families and society as a whole. It exchanges the silence that we all take for granted, for an agonizing and often ongoing sound that follows wherever you go. Despite the fact that millions suffer from tinnitus, traditional therapies only cover up the problem, they don’t solve it.

Desyncra for Tinnitus targets tinnitus on the basis of CR® Neuromodulation and user individual patterns of therapeutic tones for treatment.

Key facts Desyncra™ For Tinnitus:

  • Moderate to severe tinnitus
  • Sustained tinnitus therapy
  • Customized using proprietary algorithms
  • Proprietary software and hardware
  • FDA clearance and CE Mark
  • Diagnostic software on PC, diagnostic and therapeutic software on iPod with earphones
  • Treatment takes place over a minimum of 36 weeks
  • CR® Neuromodulation of auditory cortex
  • Robust portfolio of clinical publications
  • Great interest in the medical world

Desyncra™ For Tinnitus was conceived at Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany’s world renowned research center.