Desyncra™ for Tremor is a non-invasive treatment that works on the basis of individual algorithms defined by our Desyncra software – tremors and movement disabilities subside, mobility control is restored. Get your share of tomorrow’s medical market today!

Key facts for Desyncra for Tremor:

  • Treats uncontrolled movement disorders, for example, Parkinson’s disease tremor
  • Enhances mobility & movement control
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic software on iPod, therapeutic hardware on i. e. gloves
  • CR® Neuromodulation of tremor generating neural networks

Restoring mobility control

A new way for treating Parkinson disease: Desyncra for Tremor brings you this innovative software that sends individual impulse patterns into the patient’s brain via your tactile sensory system. Comes with Desyncra software & app, a customized iPod and therapeutic finger-tip handset.