Desyncra™ – Rewiring the brain

Desyncra™ – Rewiring the brain

A new way to reduce symptoms

A new way to reduce symptoms

Sounds good. Feels better.

Sounds good. Feels better.


The Desyncra™ offering at a glance

German-based medical company Desyncra™ offers tremendous marketing opportunities through an all-new technology: Non-Invasive Neuromodulation. The groundbreaking technology was developed by a team of brain scientists, neurologists, engineers and IT-specialists led by medical device expert Dr Markus Haller.

Accessing the brain to open up cures for multiple neural conditions: Tomorrow is now!


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Clinical trials
Desyncra™ for Tinnitus
A new way to reduce tinnitus: More than 4000 patients have been successfully treated with this clinically tested acoustic CR® Neuromodulation. All tests show similar results: Desyncra™ For Tinnitus is successful in more than 75% of treated subjects.
Desyncra™ for Tremor
Desyncra for Tremor uses CR® Neuromodulation as a powerful tool to treat a range of movement disorders, for example; Parkinson’s disease related tremor, and other movement disorders such as dystonia and many other neurological conditions.
Desyncra™ for Migraine
Good news for patients with migraine: Desyncra has developed a treatment on the basis of CR® Neuromodulation to manage pain, aura and nausea through stimulating neural patterns in the brain using visual stimulation.
Desyncra™ Hearing Aid
Quite frequently, tinnitus patients are also hearing impaired. Our own full spectrum hearing aid device works perfectly with Desyncra for Tinnitus and provides its users with a first-class product that makes life easier.

Curing the condition, not just stopping symptoms

Desyncra™ systems are targeted: Propriety, Coordinated Reset, Non Invasive Neuromodulation. Accessing the brain to open up cures for multiple neural conditions.

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