CR® Neuromodulation

Desyncra™ CR® Neuromodulation: Moving beyond symptom control

The future health market will be driven by digital innovation. Cutting-edge technology solutions and medical excellence will lead to new, previously unattainable, ways of treatment. One of the most exciting and ground-breaking ideas is leading the way to the future: CR® Neuromodulation.

What is CR® Neuromodulation?

Under certain circumstances, groups of cells form a cluster in the brain, synchronize and become hyperactive. This leads to a whole host of different conditions, including tinnitus, a variety of movement disorders and tremors, migraine and pain.

CR® Neuromodulation stimulates the cell cluster to desynchronize and abandon their pathological behavior; the brain unlearns to produce the pathological behavior and sustained effects occur. The treatment uses auditive, tactile or visual patterns and is non-invasive.

Put simply, CR Neuromodulation rewires the brain. The ‘faulty wiring’ is replaced by new patterns that stop the condition. Unlike many other therapies that are used solely to treat symptoms, Desyncra has proven that even after treatment has been completed, the stopping of symptoms continues over time – suggesting it’s not just a treatment but a cure to the condition.

High-quality treatment

We aim to produce complete and personalized treatments for a range of patients. Through precise diagnosis and frequent and regular monitoring, patients can experience the relief they deserve. Desyncra systems are targeted: Curing the condition, not just stopping symptoms.